“Don’t be friends with George W. Bush” is like the lowest bar I can think of for libs to pass and yet we are three days into this shit.


i don't even understand what being friends with him can accomplish at this juncture. this isn't like making a case that legislators should actually interact across the aisle to get their jobs done, which people seem to be conflating.

dude doesn't do shit anymore. ALL that can happen is normalizing his pariah ass without getting anything in return.

@jackdaw_ruiz I mean I think it’s mostly rich people like hanging out with other rich people and suggesting the mildest of social consequences has to imposed on someone is abhorrent to them

@SuplexWitch You'd think "Don't literally hug a war criminal" would be a simple thing, and yet...

And I'm so angry at all the talk show hosts that had him on a few years back to show off his paintings, as though he didn't single-handely bring about the needless deaths of thousands and needless suffering of millions. Though this was the same group of smiling stooges who normalized Trump. Like the fact that SNL has never made a statement regarding to giving him free press and airtime is sickening

@SuplexWitch at the grocery store, there was a guy on his cell phone loudly upset about Brandt Jean's hug. I wanted to thank him, but he was in the middle of a call.

This has the same energy

@SuplexWitch only three days? I thought the fact that Ellen and liberals were rehabilitating GWB's image was old news

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