It's kind of telling that the Reddit Game of Thrones fandom loves Robert Baratheon, a character that's written and played to be a complete self-absorbed, disgusting jerk.

@SuplexWitch Stringer Bell was just trying to get ahead in life

@SuplexWitch he's neat because he's a character you don't ever see. everyone else in early game of thrones you've seen a thousand times before. Bobby is new. sort of.

time and power have turned the great rebel of yesteryear into a mediocre king and a godawful person in general. there is a spark of the hero he once was, somewhere down there. it's the reason he's kept doing a job he fucking hates! he doesn't want to see westeros torn apart again!

unfortunately he sucked at it.

@SuplexWitch every Stark and every Targaryen up until Ned gets his head lopped off is straight out of any given fantasy book, and Robert's your first hint the story does not go the way you expect it to in this world.

plus Ned seeing him through the eyes of their old friendship means it takes a little longer to realize "Christ, this guy is a stupid drunken asshole, huh"

@SuplexWitch he is still a shit but he's a fun flavor of shit

the "I just want to grill for godsake" boomer meme wearing a crown and also not wearing any pants

@bryceyoungquist @SuplexWitch yes this is why he was my favorite but I didn't watch past season two. it also helped that he the dude from still standing

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