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Once again the Irish got too excited about the Queen being dead and secret world government added 5 years to her life.


Elizabeth 1: absolute classic

Elizabeth 2: very good, some argue better than the original

Elizabeth 3: has Sofia Coppola in her for some reason

@SuplexWitch get faved, pocket fulla lint, drafts in the clip, i been postin since a kid,

If you're completely unprepared for a major political figure or celebrity death you're an amateur

mastodon should implement @everyone like discord has

Honestly if the Queen is dead they would probably hold off on announcing it as long as possible because they're literal super villains.

Just kidding, the Illuminati are on clone number 5 at this point.

im a millionaire, and if bernie wins i'm going to send my son to Kansas State University for free instead of bribing admissions officials to get them into Duke like before

There are three songs my baby goes absolute sicko mode to:

Baby shark
The Office theme song, and
I wanna be sedated

In the CIA we refer to the FBI as "domesticucks" when we bully them

Just go download Wing Commander IV you fucking rich ass nerds

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What ever is fit to print.