I actually have to watch the earlier matches because I was in and out of sleep until oddly enough, the last two matches. :cody:

AEW spoilers, blood 

More :ancomheart: :commie: in AEW, kick out the chuds. Fuck a jericho, fuck a swags

But we all knew this. Bears repeating

Currently listening: ionnalee - GONE

And now, a palette cleanser: ionnalee and her doggies :scooby:

Turns out Judas was an autobiographical song by the midlife crisis dad oh well who knew

Also ephemera, I can’t tell. It’s up to you

I guess I really can’t bring myself to care about any of this shit that much because everything I hear and read about a NJPW/AEW “will they or won’t they” is such reality show nonsense now so I have to laugh at everything.

to wit: omega makin people write long paragraphs 

I think I’m the only one detached from this new blend of spicy discourse wrt Omega’s undertale vid from dynamite and whether or not it’s a slam on :njpw:

Like it’s amazing the effect he has on people. Not that he’s a total Boy Scout obvi but likeeeee... this dude breathes funny and the sodium levels r i s e. mrw

But really next time they do another Joker movie (and you know they will), get Le Champion Painmaker on the horn.

Wanna see a 50 year old Canadian dude in a spiky jacket try to go HAM on those Bronx steps :angery:

Boosting my main twootes, to pwn the um, someone

Also I never thought I’d get to a place in my life where I’d be waxing philosophical on peer support and inclusion in the LGBTQIA+ community with a totally chill guy what was in Nightmare II: Freddy’s Revenge, but there you go.

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