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Off Topic Town is an instance where users are generally allowed to post what and how they want. It’s recommended that you Content Warn sensitive or controversial posts, however users are allowed to make that call as to what deserves that. If you choose to not CW NSFW things like extreme violence or pornographic videos and photos you will be subject to moderator action. Repeated violation of this will get you suspended. There are some conduct and language we do not allow. Violation of these will result in suspension: No Nazis. No racists. No antisemitism. No hate speech. No TERFS. No “gender critical” posts or language. No bot accounts. No commercial accounts. This is an instance for LGBTQ+ people and allies. Do not come here expecting divisive arguments and attempts to invalidate people to be accepted. You should mute and block people often and take control of what’s in your feed but if you see any violations of these rules, on offtopic.town or from another instance, report them.